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About Sharanam BCDCC

Sharanam is a non-governmental organization (NGO). The hard work shows us a remarkable performance. Sharanam has made strides in empowering change agents within village communities to support the rights of children and young women. At the center of Sharanam’s vision, the focus is to keep girls in school, and help poor, illiterate young women develop a sustainable livelihood with empowerment through education, opportunity and self-reliance.

Indian women and girls who live in poor, rural areas have a particularly difficult life with limited choices. Due to lack of education and opportunity, many find themselves married in their teen-age years and it is clear that this practice condemns girls to a downward spiral of dropping out of school, teen-age pregnancy, dependency, abuse, and malnutrition. The region Sharanam serves, like many in rural India, suffers from illiteracy, child marriage, and poverty – most live on less that $2 a day.