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MBUZI Project (Goat Project)

MBUZI PROJECT - Why a goat project?

When our daughter Tanne was diagnosed with two brain injuries on Oct.8th, 2012 and her chances of survival seemed minimal, we started living intensively. As all treatments appeared to be ineffective, we decided to focus mostly on fulfilling wishes. We hereby would like to thank all the people who have helped us accomplish these wishes.

After fighting for over 6 months against her brain tumor, Tanne deceased.

One of her wishes was to go on a trip to a faraway country and give away lots of things to children in need. She did not have the chance to do it herself, as taking a flight would have meant too great a pressure on her head. The idea grew that we, Hugo, Nele and Ferre (her parents and her brother) could nevertheless make that dream come true on her behalf.

We wanted to gift her clothes to DCV (Diani Children’s Village, an orphanage in Kenya) and we also wanted to do something more. That is why we organized a fundraising event. We came to hear of another project which we wanted to support as well (DCC – Day Care Center - in Mtwapa). With part of the benefit we were able to donate a consistent amount to them.

Our wish with the remaining money was to give something sustainable. This is how we got to the goat project. Both our children (Ferre & Tanne) lovingly took care of goats for the past two years. They cared for the goats, feeding and cuddling them. While we did not want to provide the country with something new (something western) the people here own goats, they eat goats, and they are used to goats. It is an extra benefit within an existing one: The intention is that through this goat project, people would have more food for the children. They can have milk, meat or sell the lambs and buy other foods with the gain. The goat’s manure can be mixed with the chicken’s manure and so to obtain a better mix to fertilize their vegetable garden. Any leftover manure can also be sold.

We began goat projects in 3 locations:

  1. DCV - Kenya
  2. DCC in Mtwapa through the Fahari Foundation – Kenya
  3. SHARANAM BCDCC in India

We finance the making of a goat stable and we buy a number of beautiful goats to get started. We arrange for the duration minimum of 1 year veterinarian visits to check the goats every 3 months so they can be wormed and checked for overall health. We hope that within a couple of years they have about 10 mother goats. The idea is to allow for self-sufficiency. We thank all the people there who have helped us start up this project. With special thanks to Trui Pynket (mama Trudi – Ebony villa’s) who has arranged so many local contacts for us.